Promotion of Reading

17-18 May 2013, Lviv, Ukraine
A 2-day interactive seminar on various techniques
for promotion of reading among children and young adults

: May, 17-18, 2013
: Lviv, Ukraine
Organizers: Next Page Foundation (Bulgaria), NGO Publishers' Forum (Ukraine)

The workshop is held within the Book Platform project (with the support of Eastern Partnership Culture Programme) during the Lviv International Children's Festival. The workshop aims to present the best techniques of reading promotion among children and young adults, which can be used in modern information environment. Special attention will be paid to the promotion of reading among children who have limited access to the sources of information and cultural activities due to certain circumstances.

Main goals:

  • increase skills in applying contemporary methods for reading promotion;
  • diversify the audiences of reading promotion events;
  • motivate participation of local groups and experts in European and regional networks on reading promotion; ñincrease visibility of the issue of reading as key factor for human development.

Participants: 15 Ukrainian librarians (the most successful organizers of the Ukraine's Best Reader contest) and about 10 librarians from Georgia and Armenia (5 participants from each country).

Information on project: Book Platform project is implemented by the Next Page Foundation (Bulgaria) with the support of EU Eastern Partnership «Culture» program in association with NGO «Publisher's Forum» (Ukraine), National Association of Publishers (Armenia) and The Association of Publishers of Georgia (Georgia). Project is aimed to develop the publishing sector of Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia. At the core of the project is an idea of increasing the role of culture in the sustainable development of Eastern Partnership countries,and activation of the regional cooperation between state institutions, public associations, cultural and scientific organizations in the Eastern Partnership and European Union region.

Contact person:
Iryna Lepska, (097)2393876,
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