Public Discussions on Readership in Armenia

19 June and 28 November 2013, Yerevan

Public Discussion Reading and the Youth

On 28 November 2013 Book Platform and the National Publishers Association held a public debate on the "Results of a Survey on Readership" and issues on raising interest towards reading among the youth at the Library of Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov.

Vahan Khachatryan, the Executive Director of the NPAA and the Local Manager of "Book Platform" project, in his opening speech presented the issues related to the reading habits of the youth and to the problems of book sector organizations in reading development.

After the opening speech of Vahan Khachatryan, Anna Chulyan, the moderator of the event, turned to the issues on development of reading and on restoring interest to books among the young people as mentioned in "Results of a Survey on Readership".

Ruzan Tonoyan, the Director of the National Children's Library and a project expert, presented the "Results of a Survey on Readership" carried out by "Sensei Marketing Academy, chosen by the National Publishers' Association, highlighting the questions related to the young readers' preferences and habits to reading, as well as on the current state of reading and its improvement.

Tigran Zargaryan, the Director of the National Library of RA, thoroughly spoke about the role of printed and electronic resources in development of reading , showed interesting materials about the ongoing processes abroad and answered the audience questions.

Naira Toghanyan, the Chief specialist of the Department of Management of the General Education and Working Out of Content Standards of the National Institute of Education of Ministry of Education and Science RA, turned to the measures taken by the Ministry aimed at solving the current problems of reading and books and then presented the obtained results with concrete examples.

The audience listened with great interest to Karen Antashyan, CEO & Founder of "Granish" Literary Foundation and poet. He presented his views on youth preferences in the choice, acquisition, and reading fiction. He spoke about his experience in reading, made interesting suggestions on how to change the young readers' attitude towards books and how to make books close to the youth.

Then an interesting conversation started with the audience participation. They believe that such discussions will greatly contribute to the improvement of the alarming state of reading, to the cooperation between the readers and book sector representatives: authors, publishers, librarians, etc.

Memo by Lilit Arakelyan, NPAA



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