Public Debate on the Results of the Readership Survey was held in Yerevan

The public discussion on the Results of a Survey on Readership was held on June 19 in the National Children's Library after Knhko Aper. An audience of around 40 people attended the discussion, among which − representatives of the Ministries of the RA, NGO's, educational institutions, media, sociologists, publishers, librarians, booksellers and other interested in the survey. The event was officially opened by Vahan Khachatryan, Executive Director of the National Publishers' Association and Local Manager of the Book Platform project. The presentation of the results and the discussion were moderated by Davit Muradyan, writer and publicist, and the results of the survey were presented in details by Lilit Avdalyan, sociologist and representative of "Sensei" Marketing Academy, and Ruzan Tonoyan, the expert of the survey.

Speeches and remarks about the survey were made by Seyranuhi Geghamyan from the Ministry of Culture, Karine Aleksanyan from the Ministry of Education and Science, Davit Gyrujinyan, Lilit Ter-Grigoryan, lecturer at the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Khachik Cardanyan from the Armenian Booksellers' Association, Gagik Sukiasyan, Head of the Chair of the Library Science and Bibliography of the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan, a candidate of sciences and professor, Aleksandr Aghabekyan, Director of the "Gitank" publishing house, Aram Navasardyan, Director of Gallup International-Armenia. All the speakers highlighted that both the experts and the population should be equally important for increasing the interest in reading and books. Read more...


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