Book Platform at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

October 2012, Frankfurt, Germany
In the world of book professionals there is a saying that not being at the Frankfurt Book Fair means you do not exist for the book world. Well, the Book Platform project exists and was present at the biggest international book fair for the first time this year in various ways. The project was presented within the public debate on "International cooperation between translation funding organizations" organized at the Weltempfang salon of the fair. An exceptionally well visited event with some 100 people from the book world: mostly funding and advocacy organizations, literary translators and independent publishers interested in international cooperation. The debate was followed by an informal reception for networking and further exchange. Information on the Book Platform was also offered at the Georgian national stand that for the last few years sets up a standard on how the literature of a "EU neighboring" country can be presented to international audience. The stand was organized by our partner organization in Georgia, the GPBA (Georgian Book Publishers Association) in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.

Keep an eye on the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 program as we are planning even more exciting events then.



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