European Culture Forum 2013

4-6 November 2013 in Brussels, Belgium
With its over 1200 attendants the European Culture Forum, organized by the European Commission, is indeed the biggest gathering of people in culture in Europe. The central topics for this year focused on measuring culture and its value and impact, new funding models (understood rather in terms of self-sustainability and generating income) and audience development.

The Forum's formats were diverse: plenary panels, short flash sessions, Q and As and open discussions. Standpoints were also immensely diverse but it seems that the dividing line remains at people's view on economy and the market, as a danger for culture or as an opportunity.  

The notions of social capital and well-being of citizens surfaced again to counterbalance "the danger of fetishizing market value" of culture.  Much to the content of all of us working in the translation sector, the issue of languages – the intrinsic value of Europe's linguistic diversity and the worries about the dominance of English - was touched upon in several presentations and discussions.

Book Platform's representative Yana Genova was at the Forum to participate at discussions and provide information on the project to Europe's policy-makers and cultural professionals.



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