Promotion of Reading Internship - Ukraine

7-15 December 2013 in Wroclaw, Poland

Internship in Wroclaw inspired librarians from Lviv to new projects

The multicentre, the multimedia library, "alive" books, places for meeting with authors, the room of "book tortures", a table mini-theatre Кamishibay and many other zests were introduced to the librarians from Lviv during the Promotion of Reading internship which was held in December 2013 within the Book Platform project.

The Wroclaw City Public Library, in which the internship took place from 7 to 15 December, 2013, is one of the most modern libraries in Poland. It serves 120 thousand readers and consists of 43 branches: two branches function as multicentres and 15 branches function as parts of schools. The Library functions as a modern informational and cultural centre, cooperates with educational and medical institutions of the city, actively involves parents and volunteers in cooperation. The Library stock is diverse, it includes books, audio-visual materials, periodicals, etc. Each employee works hard and thinks about the ways to encourage more people to read. Books of comments and suggestions, that are in each branch, help them.

During the one-week internship the participants were actively exchanging the professional experience with their Polish colleagues and establishing contacts for further cooperation and joint implementation of projects.

The interns, who were highly motivated and had a positive attitude from the beginning, returned very satisfied with the course and results of the internship. The participant Kateryna Sukhorebska shares her impressions: "I am very satisfied with our internship! We got acquainted with Polish colleagues-librarians, who are our supporters, read a lot and what is the most important – they love their readers. The librarians in Wroclaw were friendly, very professional and happy to share their library secrets".

Since the librarians from Lviv work in libraries for children, during the internship the emphasis was made on the promotion of reading among children and youth. Polish colleagues have a considerable experience in this sphere. Some projects such as meeting with authors and a night in the library are already familiar to the Ukrainian librarians, because they have already organized these events in Lviv. But the interns discovered a lot of new ideas which can be borrowed and realized in Ukraine. For example, in maternity hospitals within the project "The Good Start" Wroclaw librarians give young parents brand bags containing useful information about reading and children's development. Newborn children receive readers' cards.

The experience of Polish colleagues in working with teenagers caused a special interest. In the whole world this is one of the most problematic categories which is hard to involve in reading. In the Wroclaw Library a separate project "www" was developed for them. Within it teenagers are invited to evaluate books. Besides, stylish promotional materials are distributed among them. The librarians from Lviv had a possibility to visit the department which deals with the design of these paper materials and to communicate directly with the artists and designers.

The project "Alive Library", which functions in the multimedia library since 2007, is also very interesting. It disputes racial, sexual and any other discrimination of citizens. Within the project children communicate with extraordinary personalities who act as "alive" books. On arriving home, the interns decided to adapt this project for our teenagers who face the problem of choosing a future profession. Children will be able to ask questions and directly communicate with specialists who are successful in some profession in order to have a better idea about it.

The librarians from Lviv took an interest in the Polish project "To the Library on a Bicycle" within which children meet bicyclists, instructors, policemen. Getting inspired by this project, the interns have already planned to hold the bicycle show "Leotour for Kids" in May, during which children will be demonstrated that reading is an integral part of an active lifestyle.

The librarians had a pretty intense programme of internship. In addition to getting acquainted with certain projects, the interns had practice in the methodical and promotional library departments, as well as in the department of choosing and processing of literature. Activities like working with the electronic system of giving books, forming an electronic database with the help of a computer programme ALEF, working out a children's catalogue "Katalog Dziecieci", which will help children find an interesting book and order it, were all new for the interns. During the internship the librarians had a possibility to hold master classes for children of different age groups at the Baby's School. It was especially useful for the interns as in their libraries they are responsible for the work with children. The interns also decided to develop more intensively the cooperation with parents and volunteers in reading promotion among the youngest readers.

In their free time the interns had a possibility to admire the beautiful city of Wroclaw, which is commonly known as a cultural capital, to take a library tour, to visit bookstores and coffee shops. The librarians also visited the Wroclaw Book Fair, which took place in the city at that time, and to get acquainted with Polish publishers and authors.

The interns emphasize that they got very inspired by the internship! It was evident from the internship diary which they published on the Facebook accounts of their libraries - the Lviv Regional Library for Children and the Central Library for Children and Youth in Lviv. In addition to the professional ideas, the librarians got to know designers' solutions in the interior of the libraries that they plan to use in their departments. One of the interns states that "it was not merely training, but the exchange of experience, projects and ideas". Polish colleagues took a special interest in the work of the amateur studio "Kinotorba" which functions in the Lviv system of libraries for children and deals with shooting video films to popularize books and libraries. The agreement about cooperation within the project "Night in Library" is already achieved: Polish writers and schoolchildren will visit Lviv this May during the International Children's Festival. On returning, the interns continue communicating with their Polish colleagues and follow the activity of each other.

The librarians from Lviv have already started sharing the experience with their colleagues and have organized presentations in their libraries. As the libraries are the methodical centres, this year work plans include presentations during seminars for colleagues, libraries of the city and the region, that will enable them to get to know a lot of useful information. Even before the trip the interns planned a project "Happy Together", which aims at the revival of traditions of family reading and increasing the parents' commitment to raise children. As a result of the internship, this project was finalized and the first outcomes of it will be presented in May during the Lviv International Children's Festival.

Learn more about the participants and the host organization here.

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The multicentre, the multimedia library, "alive" books, places for meeting with authors, the room of "book tortures", a table mini-theatre Кamishibay and many other zests were introduced to the librarians from Lviv during the Promotion of Reading

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