Policy Makers Meeting on Readership in Armenia

5 December 2013
On December 5, 2013 Vahan Khachatryan of the National Publishers Association of Armenia met with the Deputy Minister of Culture of Armenia Arthur Poghosyan to introduce to him the results of the project research on translations and on readership in Armenia. The attendees talked about the dissemination of the study on Translations from Armenian with different stakeholders with the Ministry's support as well as to expand the study's coverage by including translations from Armenian into Russian, English (in USA), Spanish (in Argentina), Arabic (in Lebanon, Syria, etc.), Persian (in Iran), etc. The Deputy Minister said these issues are very important and they'll try to support NPA in the future as the budget for 2014 has already been approved. The Deputy Minister was also informed that the study on translation into Armenian will be implemented too. NPA's director Vahan Khachatryan informed the deputy minister that the Ministry's support for the dissemination of the Reading Habits in Armenia study is expected. Further, he introduced Arevik Ashkharoyan as a director of the Armenian Literary Foundation, literaty agent and NPA's partner who will implement the activities of Book Platform as of 2014. Arevik Ashkharoyan in her turn presented the project's forthcoming events and invited the Deputy Minister to take part in the training to be held in Yerevan on February 21-22, 2014.

Earlier, on November 29, 2013 the National Publishers Association organized a meeting at the premises of the Writers' Union of Armenia. Attendees included: Sergey Muradyan, president of "Translators of the CIS and Baltic States" NGO; Shant Mkrtchyan, head of the Translation Department of the Writers' Union of Armenia and Arevik Ashkharoyan, director of Armenian Literature Foundation. The discussion was focused on the results of the activities related to translations from and into Armenian.

(based on information by Vahan Khachatryan of NPA, with abridgements)


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