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23-29 June 2014 in Poland
Giorgi Sabanadze (Georgia), Head of Public Relations and Cultural Programs Division at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, spent a 7-day internship at the "All of Poland Reads to Kids" Foundation from June 23 to June 29, 2014, supported by the Book Platform project. The intern had the invaluable opportunity to learn more about the experience of the Foundation in supporting the emotional health of children and young people in Poland through educational, organizational and promotional activities, as well as lobbying.

During the internship Giorgi had the opportunity to be hosted by a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to reading promotion. In particular, the intern had chance to learn:
  • Ways of motivating volunteer
  • Tools and forms of spreading the ideas of the yearly campaign
  • Reading families programs and clubs
  • Reading schools and reading kindergartens projects
  • Reading in jail projects
  • Generations-creations project
  • All of Poland Reads to Kids book project
  • Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Competition
  • First Book of My Baby project
  • All of Europe Reads to Kids project
  • Internet University of Wise Education project
  • The Reading Ambassadors program
Giorgi also visited some partners of the organization, as for example, the Polish Public Broadcasting which is a partner of the organization and has a special separate channel for kids, as well as partner libraries and the National Library of Poland. The main subject of discussion at the National Library was the research it conducts and which aims to understand the reading habits in Poland.

Giorgi is planning to make a presentation at the national Library of Georgia for the librarians and managers interested in reading promotion. The gained skills and knowledge will be disseminated as well in smaller libraries throughout Georgia, where the intern will have a good opportunity to share with local librarians the experiences of Polish colleagues. Other presentations will be planned together with the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association.

An important part of the internship is the option of signing a memorandum among the host organization, the National Library of Georgia and GPBA for further cooperation in reading promotion projects in the future. Giorgi also had a discussion with the top management of the All of Poland Read to Kids about the possible future joint projects.



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Giorgi Sabanadze from the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia will spend a 7-day internship at the "All of Poland Reads to Kids" Foundation from June 23 to June 29, 2014
Giorgi Sabanadze from the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia spent a 7-day internship at the All of Poland Reads to Kids Foundation

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