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September 10-15, 2013 during Publishers Forum
For the first time during the 20th Lviv Book Fair 11-15 September 2013 in the frames of Book Platform project few important professional events have been held. The series of editorial visits of foreign literary agents, cultural journalists and translators in Ukraine was exceptionally important. Edward Nawotka (USA), Ali Bowden (Scotland), Olaf Kühl and Renate Schmidgalle (Germany), Pierre Astier (France), Justyna Sobolewska and Veronika Gogola (Poland), Alena Zemancikova (Czech Republic), Hans-Peter Kunisсh (Switzerland), Madeleine Grieve (Sweden), Arevik Ashharoyan (Armenia), Ketevan Kiguradze and Gvantsa Jobava (Georgia) completed professional visits to take part in the biggest publishing event of Ukraine and to establish contacts with local publishers and authors.

The schedule of each guest was pretty intense. Representatives from big and small Ukrainian publishing houses that publish translated literature, such as Family Leisure Club, Folio, Calvaria, Duliby, Nora Druk, Zhupanski Publishing House, Urbino and others met guests to discuss potential collaboration. Foreign agents and translators also met Ukrainian writers, including such well-known authors as Yuri Andrukhovych, Sergiy Zhadan, Lubko Deresh and others. Book Platform project team hopes to see the result of guests' visits by new publications of Ukrainian literature in the world.

Besides the meetings with Ukrainian publishers, authors and translators, professional visits guests also took part in other professional activities of Book Platform project, such as public discussions on the state of Ukrainian translations in the last 20 years. They were presented the study of book publishing in Ukraine, conducted earlier by the project.

Guests of editorial visits – the journalists Olaf Kühl, Justyna Sobolewska, Hans-Peter Kunisch – took part in the School of literary criticism and journalism Context-2, which also took place during the Fair. Within this project, each of them conducted workshop for young colleagues, in which they shared their experience and their vision of literary criticism.

Special American guest Edward Nawotka, founder and editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives gave two lectures on the topics: Is It Really America vs. The World?: The truth about Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google and Publishing in the Age of Globalization: The wonderful, the worrisome, and the what's next.

Ali Bowden, Director of Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust presented the project UNESCO City of Literature. She also met the authorities of the city to talk on the perspective of the city to get the title of the City of Literature. Now the working group is preparing a proposal for the application of this venerable city title.

Editorial visits were co-organized with the Embassy of the United States in Kyiv, Swedish Institute and Calvaria Publishing House.



Grutsan Tiana
Говори і йди
Про зимно занизаний простір.
Безмежжям долинним
Твої розхристані думи,
А знаєш,
Ми біжимо разом,
Обоє крізь простріл,
Ми в твоїх обіймах
Наївно малинна,
Крізь гори,
Через дороги
Спраглого жару,
Лечу понад
Проривного жаху.
Завертаю отару
Блакитних ягниць
До тебе,
До дому.
Падаю ниць.

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