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8-13 July 2014 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Armen Martirosyan (Armenia), director of Antares Publishing House, spent a 7-day internship at the German Publishers & Booksellers Association (in German Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels) to explore reading promotion campaign directed towards children and youth.

As a leading publisher and organizer of the Reading Competition for School Children, Mr. Martirosyan has an important role in the promotion of reading in Armenia. Therefore, his first and foremost wish was to visit Börsenverein to get to know the Vorlesewettbewerb program better, which had been used as a module for the one they organize in Armenia. The well-planned internship, however, gave him an opportunity to get information about other reading promotion programs as well which in Germany are over 100, moreover, the age of beneficiaries begins from 6 months. This information gave the intern a lot of material for developing new reading promotion activities and projects in cooperation with other local organizations, companies and institutions.

"To include every child in the program, the experts in line with the Association of Pediatrics conduct events, for instances, when vaccinating the child for the first time, the pediatrician represents the parent how reading is important for the child's intellectual and spiritual development. The pediatrician presents the parent a gist, a package with 2 booklet and explanatory material on what to do to generate visual and auditory interest in the child towards the book,"
said Mr. Martirosyan. He adds as well that there is also a program for "difficult" children, who are frequently absent or unable to attend school, are constantly in the center of attention by the law enforcement, etc. "These children are engaged in football classes. They play football for an hour, and then spend an hour on reading to listening to music, etc. In fact, the winner of this year's football World Cup Germany team, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, was once a "difficult" child, and as a result of the methods applied in the sector of book and reading, he became a bookworm. And, today, the football player is one of the patrons of literature in the world of books," said A. Martirosyan.

Based on the experience and new knowledge gained during the internship, Mr. Martirosyan is now initiating new programs in cooperation with the Football Federation of RA, Police and The Ministry of Education and Pediatricians Association. These will be joined project to promote reading among children, including those from problematic families.

(The quotations used above were taken from the article One invested EUR from the state budget returns 40 by Samvel Danielyan for



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