Georgian participants at London Book Fair 2014

8-10 April 2014
With the support of the Book Platform Events Participation Support Scheme, 2 participants from Georgia – Natia Lursmanashvili and Alexander Jakhua, representing the online library and retailer ("Literacy" Ltd.), took part in London Book Fair 2014 (8-10 April) – one of the largest book forums in the world.

The main focus of "Literacy" is the creation of multimedia books and application, and the development of e-book selling infrastructure. Awareness of the current trends on these markets is crucial for the professional success. Therefore, the participants found the fair extremely helpful, as a lot of business ideas, new technologies and standards were presented. The seminar "The Challenge of Highly Illustrated Content in an eBook" gave invaluable solutions for transforming Georgian illustrated books to eBooks. Furthermore, the participants gathered ideas about solutions for distributing electronic contents in EPUB3 format, as well as solutions for creation of multimedia story-books for children. Apart from these, the representatives of had meetings with leading companies for digital books and interactive apps development and distribution (among them: "Young Digital Planet", "ArtPigSoft", "Orange Digit", "Simplicissimus Book Farm", etc.). These are very important with view to the plans of the company to build a new international website for electronic content distribution. All the knowledge and ideas gained during the fair will enable the company to build an ambitious platform, which will be able to deliver not only standard textbooks in electronic formats, but also audio, video, multimedia applications. As shared by the participants: This will help us to use many new ideas and solutions learned from the exhibition for developing our solution.

At the fair the participants had important meetings with representatives of several publishing houses (e.g. Penguin, W W Norton, Random House) for negotiating Georgian language translating rights of several titles. They also attended the presentation of Georgian Author Series by Dalkey Archive Press (Aka Morchiladze, Lasha Bugadze, Zurab Karumidze, Zaza Burchuladze), and after the presentation agreed with the publisher to sell electronic versions of these and other titles of the series onto their web-site.



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Events Participation: Georgian participants at London Book Fair 2014
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