Studies on Translations from Armenian into 11 Target Languages Completed

The studies on the translations from Armenian into 11 other languages were successfully completed by the end of September. The eleven examined languages are Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, Georgian, German, Italian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian. The studies reflect the diverse nature of the relations between Armenian and the other 11 languages, and therefore, revealed quite a different number of translated titles, ranging, respectively, from zero translated titles since 1991 into Swedish (there are three before that year), to the impressive number of 61 titles translated in French since 1991.

The circles-graph below shows the number of titles translated from Armenian into each of the studied languages. The last two circles stand for Spanish and Dutch with respectively 4 and 2 titles. Sweden is not included due to the lack of translated titles.

Each of the studies consists of a text describing the history and the current state of translations between particular language combinations as well as a bibliography of book titles. The texts examine the role of publishers, translators, events and institutions in sustaining cultural and literary connections between respective languages via translations, and provide recommendations for the future. All the studies can be downloaded from the Resources section of the website of the project in convenient Word and PDF formats, and the bibliographies are available in our searchable translations database here. Some are in English, some in Armenian. A summary of results will be published soon!

The studies on the translations from Armenian into 11 other languages are the first of a series of studies examining the translation flows from and into Armenian, Georgian and Ukrainian to be elaborated under the Book Platform project. Stay updated for the next studies. Coming soon!


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