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  • Actual Art Association: established in 1995 with the aim to facilitate debates on contemporary art and to organize cultural events. Publishes the Actual Art magazine
  • Armenian Book Center: an Armenian association of publishers, institutions and associations in the book sector
  • an online magazine for culture and society (in Armenian)
  • Back to Book festival: an innovative festival held in Yerevan annually with the aim to attract readers back to books
  • Books from Armenia: one of the Armenian online bookstores
  • an Armenian journal on contemporary literature (in Armenian)
  • an Armenian journal and literature club for contemporary literature (mostly in Armenian)
  • a rich resource site on Armenian literature (in Armenian) 
  • Ministry of Culture of Armenia: site in Armenian and Russian 
  • The First Armenian Literary Agency: founded to promote Armenian literature abroad and represent foreign rights-holders in Armenia(in Armenian, English and Russian) 
  • Writers Union of Armenia: founded in 1934, the union also has a section on literary translation 
  • Yerevan World Book capital: Yerevan UNESCO World Book Capital in 2012

  • Georgian Union of Literature Lovers
  • Pencenter – Union of Georgian Writers (in Georgian)
  • Program for Support of Books and Literature of the Georgian Ministry of Culture, Sports and Monument Protection (in English and Georgian)
  • Society for the Promotion of Literacy Writers House of Georgia: an artistic and residence center for writers and artists in the center of Tbilisi




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