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On Publishing Industry
  • Book Market study of Ukraine (2006) - initiated and supported by the International Renaissance Foundation, the Fund for Central and East European Book Project (Amsterdam) and the MATRA program of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Books and Publishing in Armenia: a profile (2003) by Ingo Eric Schmidt-Braul commisioned by the Council of Europe - a policy report and recommendations for the development of Armenian book sector 
  • Frankfurt Book Fair studies on book markets around the world (in English and German)
  • The first ever study on digital publishing in developing countries by Octavio Paz for the Alliance of Independent Publishers (in English)
  • Useful links to bookstores, libraries, organizations, etc in Armenia compiled by Yerevan Book Capital 2012
  • Verleger Vortbildung 2009-2011: the Goethe Institute training program for the book sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (in Russian and German). Includes a variety of materials on the publishing industry of participating countries.
  • The Resource Centre of the ACP Cultural Observatory offers a range of studies and reference documents on cultural industries in ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) countries, along with a variety of practical tools and concrete examples supporting the implementation of cultural programmes and policies. Materials on Culture & Economy and on IP are particularly relevant for the publishing sector (in English and French)
  • Book Publishing in Georgia 2013 - a booklet prepared by Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (in English)
  • The Global eBook Market: Current Conditions & Future Projections - by Rüdiger Wischenbart, published by O'Reily Media (in English, free of charge, but registration required)

  • Handbooks on cultural NGOs management and fundraising (available in Albanian, Bulgarian, English, Georgian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian) developed by The Fund for Arts and Culture
  • Measuring Cultural Participation - a handbook issued by UNESCO that provides a state-of-the-art reference guide for the measurement of cultural participation and consumption, with particular attention to its feasibility in developing countries. It includes and comments on examples from national and international case studies.
  • Authors Guide to the Frankfurt Book Fair - includes strategies for success in Frankfurt, as well as cost break-downs and a planning timeline (in English)


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