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Policy studies on the publishing industries, on literary translations flows and on reading
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The studies have four topics: 1) publishing as a cultural industry, 2) reading as a cornerstone for human development and translations 3) to and 4) from beneficiary languages as key for intercultural dialogue. General ultimate results of the cluster will be an improved dialogue and coordination between cultural entrepreneurs (publishers, agents, journalists), public bodies in cultural field (culture and foreign affairs), NGOs (associations, groups) and individual creators (writers and translators). This cluster will provide the base for better informed public and private policies in the book sector, based on empirical data and analysis. This cluster will introduce a new approach and a new vocabulary for discussing the book sector that is currently viewed rather as purely cultural endeavor with no contribution to countries' economic development.

Translations Studies:
Translations from Armenian after 1991
Translations from Georgian after 1991
Translations from Ukrainian after 1991

Translations into Armenian (1991-2012)
Translations into Georgian (1991-2012)
Translations into Ukrainian (1991-2012)

Publishing and Bookselling
Publishing and Bookselling in Armenia

Publishing and Bookselling in Georgia
Publishing and Bookselling in Ukraine

Readership and Reading Habits Policy Studies
Reading Habits in Armenia
Reading Habits in Georgia
Reading Habits in Ukraine


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