Armenian participants at London Book Fair 2014

8-10 April 2014
With the support of the Book Platform Events Participation Support Scheme, 2 participants from Armenia – Nairi Hakhverdi, translator at 1st Armenian Literary Agency, and Khachik Grigoryan, Director of Ankyunacar Publishing House, took part in London Book Fair 2014 (8-10 April) – one of the largest book forums in the world.

Ms. Hakhverdi's primary goal going to the London Book Fair was to create new connections in the book world and to extend already existing ties. She believes that she "succeeded in both". Moreover, it was important for her to go to the Book Fair to understand how the business of book publishing works, as without first-hand experience and knowledge about the business side of book publishing, it is much harder to be an active participant in it. Ms. Hakhverdi participated in the audience of the literary translation talks organized in part by the British Center for Literary Translation. The talks were highly informative and useful to her as a translator. As part of the literary translation events, she also met with Daniel Hahn, one of the founders of the British Centre for Literary Translation, and speaker at the "Fair Play and Collaboration" workshop from 2013. They discussed the structure and functioning of the British Literary Translators Center. This information will be used to give the start of Armenian Literary Translators' Association.

Nairi Hakhverdi: "Going to the London Book Fair as a literary agent was highly beneficial for the future of the Armenian book market. I will add and say that going to book fairs in general is essential to a healthy book market in Armenia. Without it, it is impossible to import foreign literature into Armenia and export Armenian literature to other countries. Importing foreign literature into Armenia helps Armenian readers and writers feel inspired by what is happening outside of its borders, and exporting Armenian literature gives Armenian writers incentive to continue writing or to begin writing."

Khachik Grigoryan is Director of Ankyunacar Publishing House, which has as a main area Armenian theology and its history. Therefore, during the Fair Mr. Grigoryan had meetings with number of British and non-British publishers with theological titles among their line of books: "Deep Books", "Combined Academic Publishers", "Baker Publishing Group", "University of Wales Press", "Lion Hudson", "Harvard University Press", "Jaca Book". Establishing and strengthening relations with publishing houses and authors of the Armenian Diaspora was one of the main professional relationships gained due to the participation at the fair. Another was the establishing relationship with Armenian Community of UK. Another important result of the participation is the continuing dialogue with one of the leading specialists in copyright – Lynette Owen, now in a new position. Last, but not least, Mr. Grigoryan's participation at digital seminars at the fair was one of the most interesting and fruitful constituents of the Event, as this helped him clarify many aspects of digital publishing, which will be applied soon in his work.

Khachik Grigoryan:"Meetings in London Book Fair showed to me that participation at such Fairs should be a well-balanced integral part of marketing and learning process. In this sense the February seminar in Yerevan within Book Platform, participation at the London Book Fair, participation at regional fairs and other marketing efforts that we apply, contributed in certain changes and fine-tuning in our publishing program, which we hope will result in positive changes in overall publishing activity of our company."



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